Google is Being Strict for Authorship in Search Results – Matt Cutts.

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Google’s Matt Cutts stated at Pubcon Las Vegas in October 2013 in his Keynote that they would likely to be tough against Authorship in the prospective of conflicts the spam factors. As Google has takeout approx. 15{9e4d90363301d728e593e350f1fca4618c445eae51a043106bb72ce067a31bb8} of the insignificant quality Authors, which have been representing themselves as the greater quality of Author in Google Search Results.

On the other hand in the middle of December, Google launched the new Authorship Algorithm Designed for appearance what actually they consider in order to relevant and interest of Authors that quality need to be as an Author, and at the same time Google has confirmed Search Engine Watch too, keep eyes on these facts.

He said; they made manner changes in Authorship Algorithm, in terms of the observation like, Author markup, Email verification, and other indication of Authorship over the Web. Now the Algorithm tries to examine the quality of the documents that is being written by the Authors. This likely to be measure the standard and high quality documents and at the same time it will be providing the appearance of the content along with Authorship Images there on. Google also added if an Author writes high quality content is approach to be proof more relevant to you.

When we talk about to being a great Authorship, in terms of SEO then it becomes very significant, but isn’t quite surprising because it’s all about the ranking matters that’s why Google is very concerned regarding these facts, it’s an indication for when display Authorship, and also to display with image or without images.

Google+ will also play a key role while these Authorship images are displayed, if there is having someone in your circles in Google+, their social network likely to be improving that you will be able to see the particular personality in the Search Results.


You can just hope Google likely to be very strict upon the Authorship quality, and they decided now to display the Authorship. For an example if you are using Authorship for a WordPress-based site and WordPress plug-in, then you must to turned on the default settings for posts, and media, but on the contrary, Google recommends you to use rel=author on posts merely.

Authorship will be continuous to be a major aspect of Google Search Results, and ensure the Authors to make high quality content and articles, while displaying the images is likely hope to be ideal, but nothing beyond that has been already added in Authorship Algorithm.

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