Google introduces a new look to YouTube

When it comes to videos we always intend to only one portal “YouTube”. Whether it is sports highlights, dance competitions, make-up tutorials, science experiments, great movies etc. YouTube is an ultimate solution of all these stuffs.

As Millions of people visit every day to YouTube and grow its proximity and popularity. Google also planned to do something for those users and now Google has decided to give a new look to YouTube.

Google announced in  its official blog post that they are introducing a new look to YouTube including three ways of these updates which will improve your life and give you the new experience of Videos.

1. A new homepage

2. Simpler, customizable Channels

3. A new overall design

Now the latest you tube has been completely updated and waiting for your visit at Hurry up, either Sign in to or create a YouTube account or moreover look below to cache the instant glimpse:

After watching this video I personally found it really great even the new look of YouTube is hundred times better than the earlier one, what do you think?