Google Instant: Important SEO Changes and Strategies

Google Instant is finally live now. Google is emphasizing more on speed these days, so why not increase the speed in which people go about search information online. Not everyone is a fan of Google Instant experience (especially SEO geeks), but that could be due to it being very different from what the old search platform used to be. Google has confirmed that there have been no major changes in its ranking algorithm, but rankings do not matter if people are not searching for things one thought they would (search behavior).


There is no need to fear about Google Instant. For starters, you should never rely only on Google alone to run a business. That’s clearly too much of a risk to take on. Google Instant seems to change the searcher’s behavior and gets more impressions for marketers advertisements, so it’s not all bad news. Even if your organic search traffic is getting down due to the introduction of Google Instant, it could be a good lesson to learn:


  • Keyword research and Analysis just got more importance: If you thought keyword research was something you could just wing, think again. You cannot afford to go with too generic (long tail) keywords for your SEO campaigns. In a new Google Instant world, it’s all about understanding your target audience and figuring out what key phrases and terms they may use to search for what they need (focus on Google search suggestions).


  • Long-tailing lives on: People have been targeting long tail keywords for a long time especially the small businesses. It is now more important than ever to target those specific key phrases in your content. Google Instant does offer relevant and popular queries to searchers (which varies according to searcher GEO location). It could mean that you will have to work hard to meet all those search phrases. You can take advantage of tools such as Google Scribe to figure out how to master Google Instant.


  • Behavioral SEO promotion is here: Google Instant might change the way people search for things. You may not like it as a webmaster, but Google Instant can be very helpful, especially for those people who are searching for quick information. Those who are shopping and buying will use more specific keyword phrases. As a Search engine optimizer, you need to understand at what stage of the search process your target audience is. This information leads to a more effective SEO campaign.


  • Content still the king: Google Instant or not, content is still king in SEO. Don’t forget that social media is still a biggie here. Google search is still used by many but don’t forget the power of Twitter, Facebook and other emerging social networks. If your content is not getting enough love on Google, you still have ways to compensate for that. You do want to optimize your content for Google but don’t let the process affect the quality of your work.


  • Spammers will continue to spam:  Spammers have already started playing around, trying to game the new instant system. This will continue to happen further no matter what Google does.


  • BingHoo: If you have not started optimizing your website for Bing, then let’s start doing it from today. Bing has now a share of 30{9e4d90363301d728e593e350f1fca4618c445eae51a043106bb72ce067a31bb8} combining yahoo in US.


Instant Google results may affect your traffic negatively, but that will be a good thing in the end. You should never ever rely on Google only to build your business. Being lazy with SEO is not smart either. Google Instant may make you work harder and smarter for your leads.

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