Google in Approach to Develop – A New Flight Search Engine.


Google is on the way to develop a New Flight Search Engine that will be providing the price observations across the Airlines. This new service is expected to be launched in March.

Meanwhile few resources say that Google Flight Search is not so effective in comparison to the other similar sites and missing all information regarding to some Airlines like Ryanair. That’s why Ryanair is likely to be working with Google, as its developing this advanced service.

Google’s new search service might be allowing these flight site observations in order to get advantage into a big market share in the category of Travel. Google already has been dominating the other sites in general search and video as well through YouTube, and continuously enlarging into upcoming trends of search areas by developing its own Technologies.

This new feature of Google’s search will approach to involve all Airlines. While users will search their query they will have the display the results along with prices and Flight timings for several Airlines at the same time. When a user clicks on a specific search result, then they will be redirected upon the Airline’s Website to have entire information.

The major purpose of this improvised version of Flight Search Engine of Google merely aspects for business for some Airlines or could be there to dominate the other flight search engine as likely to know everyone Google as only source for getting all their needs for the user preferences. However at this stage the other such similar sites are dominating the Google’s flight search engine with more comprehensive in terms of providing the results and providing all the relevant information regarding Hotels, and car rentals. The users have to wait for short while until March to view Google’s new Flight Search Engine in comprising to its competitors.