Google Image SEO: Acting as a Catalyst in the Search Engine Marketing

SEO is a highly powerful weapon to rank your site higher on Google and other search engines. Google’s Image search feature gives the users yet another reason to leverage its might for stupendous online benefits through the latest Google Image SEO.


imagesThe gains one could get from Image SEO may be comparably slower than the regular web page optimization and at times it may take even one complete year for the Google to visit your image. However, once it happens, you can be rest assured of securing top most ranking in Google Image Search Engine.


Google Image Bot

The image SEO may be cited as an upgraded version of the traditional webpage optimization where you can drive considerable traffic towards your site by placing relevant images at the exact locations on your site. Google Image Bot is “blind” and can’t see the images; therefore you need to optimize it properly. Unlike Google search Bot, the frequency of Google Image Bot to visit your site is much lesser. Hence, careful techniques should be adopted to ensure maximum utilization of image SEO.


Optimization techniques

Certain productive methods contribute significantly towards optimizing your image for Google Image search engine to track your site. Some of them are:

  • Including the Alt Text
  • Proper File Name
  • Relevant surrounding text
  • Suitable Page Title
  • Suitable Page Theme
  • Appropriate Links


· Including the Alt Text

You can see the Alt Text associated with an image once you hover the mouse over it. To get is displayed on your image, the below one line code is sufficient


<img src="file_name.gif" alt="Alternative description of the file">


File description could prove to be an added advantage, provided that only focused and to-the-point keywords or phrases are used. Unwanted words like a, and, or, the, is, etc. should be avoided.


For example: “Dell mini laptops” is much better than “All the mini laptops of Dell”. Make it short, simple, yet descriptive.


· Provide File Name
File Nomenclature is an important factor which cannot be taken for granted. Naming your image file with a relevant keyword or phrase word like dell-mini-laptops.jpeg is highly recommended instead of something like abcd.jpeg. If both the file name and the Alt Text are same or near about identical, the Google Image Bot would find it far easier to track the image and thus, your site


The same holds true for your file path. An ideal path could be like:



· Relevant surrounding text

Describe the image in a paragraph containing the relevant keywords as that provided in the Alt Text, on the top and bottom of the image is advisable.


· Suitable Page Title

Provide the appropriate keywords in the page title and Meta Tags. This helps Google to outline a theme for your page. It further acts a catalyst in indexing and high image search ranking procedures along with displaying more meaningful Adsense ads.



· Suitable Page Theme
There should be a definite theme for each webpage that may include all the keywords and phrases pertaining to a focused product or service. This makes Google Image SEO comparably easier than otherwise and provides perfect space for placing Google Adsense ads. Mixing multiple products or themes in a single page could do no good to your site.


· Appropriate Link Text

It is better to use the proposed keyword as the anchor text to the site link instead of writing, “Click Here” or some other unrelated phrase.

For example: You can write, “Dell Mini Laptop Image” in the place of, “Visit the link to view the picture”.


Likewise, the actual page URL should also be descriptive and contain your keywords. Like:


In order to make your site stand out from the rest in the business, it is necessary to be aware of the latest trends and techniques prevalent in the world internet marketing. The Google Image Search is one such capable tool to help your site get remarkable rankings in the search pages. However, to witness the desirable effects, a keenly carried out Google Image SEO holds the key.


In the end, it is the better ROI that matters the most and with Google Image SEO, you sure

to rear unprecedented returns from your investments.

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