Google Image Search: making possible to find the source of an image.

Seo IndiaGoogle introduced the “Inside Search” event yesterday in San Francisco, all through which they rolled out a number of prototype features that they expect to add into their search applications in the next to outlook. One of those new features is and modernizes to Image Search that enables you to upload or link to an image and let Google locate where you can place that image on the Web.

Today’s product exposures are less life-changing but show how the search giant is making a bet big on mobile with Yelp-like shortcuts additional to their mobile app home screen, voice search with an innovative desktop utility and image gratitude with a killer illustration search tool. Google Instant just acquired a lot more immediate, too. Here’s the occupied breakdown of announcements with some real-time reactions.

The new search by image tool enables you to drag an image from your desktop into the search input field and hitting "search" will get back a swing of images matching yours. (You can also input an image URL, upload an image from your desktop or use a Chrome or Firefox extension.) Beside the new voice ability, Gizmodo’s Kyle Wagner says, "The Grand Poobah of search is taking two ass-kicking steps forward in desktop search."

The new overturn image search will be rolled into Image Search over the next few days. Google says that when a camera icon comes into view in your Image Search box, you’ll know that the characteristic is accessible to you. Starting next week in the Chrome browser, Google will preload top search results into your browser so that when you search "teh atlantic wire," it will not only accurate your typo and return our website, but also save you the 2-5 seconds it would take to load the site once you click through. (More years added to your life!) There’s even some prediction algorithms built in.

Google’s aim "is to deliver you the information you seek in the blink of an eye," said Google Fellow Amit Singhal, who leads Google search. "What we are finding is that as people save more time, they are searching much more, which often has a positive impact on our business."

"Taken all together, it was kind of a broadside by Google today that they are not going to slack off the pace of innovation," said Hadley Reynolds, director of search technology with research firm IDC.

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