Google holds back Referer Data to make search queries more secure

Google recently announced some valuable changes in search which make the default search experience especially for those users who are signed- in.

But the question is what is this all about? The answer is that when you search from the, the websites you visit from the organic search listings would be able to know that you have arrived from Google, but still it won’t accept info’s regarding the all individual query.

It will also be able to receive a collective list of the utmost 1,000 search queries which generate traffic to their site for each of the past 30 days by Google Webmaster Tools. This specific information will enable webmasters to keep more appropriate statistics about their user traffic.

As Google is continued to add more and more support for the SSL Across their Services & Products hopefully we will see similar action very soon from other websites as well.

The seclusion and safety of your web searches is merely the next step in a broader industry effort to employ SSL encryption more extensively and successfully.



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