Google going to Post Newspaper-Like Ads on SERP

imageAccording to the report, coming from Bloomberg, Google is going to launch a new ad design for web based circulars. The advertisements will look very much like inserts from Sunday newspapers.

A part from the companies like best buy and Macy’s Google is working to generate the initial of these ads which will put on view pictures and larger type. Ads will be materialized on search result pages of the famous search engine.

During a chat with Bloomberg, Google’s vice president of product management Nick Fox said, "Retail in general is a large category for us," Further, he said that "They’re trying to understand what the answer is in the digital age to offline print circular. They’re trying to understand how to get their online visitors into their stores. And this is our answer to that."

Giving explanation regarding the idea Fox said that there will be additional visual elements implemented in the ads. These ads will be more and more social besides this there will be a plus 1 button by which people be able to share and propose the ad to their friends and associates. Indeed, Google has launched a website as well, in order to promote the ads.