Google+ gets new integrations to make Gmail & contacts much better

Recently Google announced in its official blog that they are integrating some new features to Google+ to make Gmail and contacts even better. The new integrations to Google+ will enable you to grow your circles, filter emails and contacts by circles. You can automatically keep your contact information up to date and all right from Gmail and contacts you can share photos to Google+.

Let’s find out more you can do to your Gmail account to Google+

Grow your circles from your email: Now whenever you will open an Email from someone on Google plus, you will be able to see the most recent post on the right-hand side of the conversation they have shared with you. It would be easy to add them straight from Gmail even if they are not in your circles.

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Find information from the people you care about most: You will be able to get information and latest updations about the people you care.

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Keep your contact information up-to-date automatically: if the people in your contacts also having Google profile than their contact entry in Gmail will be updated with the profile information they’ve shared with you, including phone numbers, email addresses and more. If they change it in the future, you’ll get those updates automatically and etc…

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Share effortlessly without leaving your inbox: Now you can share photo attachments with one quick click. The image(s) will be uploaded to your Google+ photos and be viewable only to the circles that you choose to share with.

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Visit at Google’s official blog to get more information regarding new integration

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