Google gets ‘dealmap’ to slam Groupon

Gimageoogle has come into the light with the latest deal, which will enable people to search the best daily deals on the web. Buying a Dealmap proves to be its latest achievements of the technology and capacity. The provisos of the agreement were not divulged, excluding the team of the Dealmap would join Google’s trade and local initiative group.

We are impressed with what the Dealmap team has accomplished and excited to welcome them to Google,” Google said in an e-mailed statement to DealBook. “We’ve been thrilled with the early success of our commerce offerings, and we think they can help us build even better products and services for consumers and merchants.”

A daily deal is a successful and booming marketplace, with Groupon launching a flourishing IPO this year, and dropping Social following intimately at the back.  It has a ability of billions as much as revenue production goes, and is showing to be the booming thing in social, trade, local marketing, and sell/retail.  Google has a small number of motives for deficient to slot in The Dealmap into it’s possess initiatives, particularly currently that it’s bucketing so much into its own social and mobile hard work.

Our mobile customers will discover the same elegant and easy-to-use fashion destination that customer’s experience, including 360-degree video footage of clothing on models, lavish photography, and free shipping and free returns on U.S. orders for a compelling, on-the-go private sale experience.,” said Maria Renz, president of MYHABIT.

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