Google Forced to Take Down the Vile Racist Search Recommendations from its site Including Bradford, Leicester and Birmingham


Google has taken action against when they found their program was found to be suggesting vile racist terms when users found a number of cities of UK including Bradford, Leicester and Birmingham.
The search engine found its going to be clumsy and embarrassing approach when users searched in ‘Why is’ forced to show the result by the name of a city.

Like, if a user searched in the phrase ‘Why is Bradford…’ the site undoubtedly recommended the search ‘Why is Bradford so full of P***;

Similar result appears for Leicester and Birmingham.

Google got into immediate action against the Autocomplete recommendations and disavow all of them from the site. Few other racist insults do the same.

Previous year Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt confirmed that the site would block all links to child abuse online.

On the other hand in 2012, Google has been rejected the request of the White House to disavow the controversial Anti-Islam YouTube clip that provoked savage Anti-American protests over the Globe.

Meanwhile, whether the internet company, which owned YouTube, censored the video clips in several places along with blocking it in Egypt and Libya – Whereas U.S. Embassies were assaulted by protestors in regards to the, Prophet Mohammad as a deceit and philanderer.


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