Google Feedback Gets New Interface

Google’s feedback tool is one of the most helpful tools Google ever rolled for its users. It is used in lots of services for reporting bugs, now it has got a new interface and this is really looking great “report found at Google System BlogSpot”.

The best part of this newly designed interface is that it doesn’t open a new page to show the information that’s sent to Google. Moreover you can also see a full a list of all your bug reports.

Google Feedback tool

Google Feedback tool

Google Feedback tool

Google Feed back

Google Feedback tool allows you send Google suggestions regarding its products. Moreover here Google welcomes trouble reports, general comments and feature ideas.

You can try Google Feedback tool in few simple stems. Just go to you your Gmail account, click the “setting” which appears on the right side of your Gmail account after going in “setting” go to menu and “then report a bug”.

Besides Gmail a similar feature is also accessible in Google Docs, YouTube and other Google services. See the old version of Google Feedback tool by clicking on “Report a bug” in YouTube’s Footer at the time of watching a video.

Google Feedback was started as an Extension on March 2010 but now it’s a Web app.

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