Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo & etc… Confederated to prevent email ‘phishing’

PhishingGoogle, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and other reputed companies all came under one roof and jointly working on a program in order to conflict email scams which is known as phishing. “Phishing” is a scam or a trick to attain the people’s personal information and passwords by sending a fake mail that look as if they have been sent from legitimate or a genuine bank or retailer and other business.

After reading the fake mail when America’s bank customer click on the link they are taken to the site which is a replica of the original American bank. As it looks very much similar to the original bank people unsuspectedly enter their personal details and passwords which is captured by the fraud fellows and used for the illegal activities.

In order to conflict this, most of the reputed technology and financial companies including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, yahoo, LinkedIn etc…have created a dedicated organization to design a system for these authenticating emails from genuine senders and preventing fakes. This newly created system is known as DMARC which is an acronym of Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance.

DMARC used are based, to fight against spam is based on the latest available methods. These have developed strategies to ensure that an e-mail really is actually coming from the sender. The problem is, there are several approaches to ensure that no standard way to handle e-mails accepted as wrong.

The new system does offer via e-mail senders and companies that mail service to gather information about e-mails and send you to share. In addition to the authentication of their legitimate e-mails with the existing systems, companies can alert via e-mail providers will be used each time your domain name into a wrong message is received. You can then apply e-mail providers, such as move messages into the spam folder or completely close.

To Google, there are about 15{9e4d90363301d728e593e350f1fca4618c445eae51a043106bb72ce067a31bb8} of non-spam messages in Gmail from the fields, which are guaranteed by DMARC. This means Gmail users "do not have to fake messages from these senders are concerned that" Adam Dawes, product manager at Google, said in a blog.

With DMARC, large email senders can ensure that the email they send is being recognized by mail providers like Gmail as legitimate, as well as set policies so that mail providers can reject messages that try to spoof the senders’ addresses,” Dawes wrote.

Work on DMARC began about 18 months. Monday through other companies could register with the organization; they send e-mails or provide electronic mail services. To e-mail users, the group hopes DMARC messages, unless fraud and fraudulent means to their inbox.

The founding group of e-mail provider, Microsoft Corp., Yahoo Inc., AOL Inc. and Google Inc., Financial Services, Bank of America Corp., Fidelity Investments Inc. eBay and PayPal service company online Facebook, LinkedIn and American Greetings Corp… Corp. and security companies’ agar, Cloudmark, Ecert, Return Path, and the proposed area of ​​trust.

Here are the logos of the companies, taking part in DMARC, look at the chart below:

DMARC Companies

Google is already in use, both in his e-mail and the ability of suppliers e-mail. The weight of the companies that have already signed on the project helps, certainly, and its founders hope that they will be accepted in its broadest sense, to become an industry standard.

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