Google eating Bing search share now!

According to Experian Hitwise an Online Market tracker, Search Monster Google’s (GOOG) share of the U.S search market rose 1.4 percent in November from a month earlier to 71.6 percent. Meanwhile, Yahoo’s (YHOO) share fell 4.6 percent to 15.4 percent and Microsoft’s (MSFT) Bing fell to 2.4 percent to 9.3 percent.



This clearly shows that even though Microsoft’s Bing might be getting a lot of attention but Google is still king of all things search.


Google’s search rivals have been pulling out the stops over the last several months since the launch of Bing, trying to take a chunk out of its market share, but so far this doesn’t seems to work, according to numbers released today from Experian Hitwise

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