Google Desires to Develop Future of Voice Search.

google's voice device

Google is dreams up for future that will appear like in terms of more advanced digital services integrated with more significant in terms of advertising. Google developed the Open Auto Alliance to get its Android system to car computers of vehicles built by Honda, Hyundai, and Audi in 2014. At the same time they also said on 13 January 2014, they would like to design smart thermostats and smoke detectors that gather data on homes. On the other hand Companies at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) also presented how tablets are turning into remote controls for washing machines, computers and air conditioners.

On the latest deal for the company (Nest Thermostat), the senior engineering director at Google, Scott Huffman says the upcoming days for new generation for search is likely to be voice driven for various electronic devices he also added than simply PCs and Mobile phones are already this voice-activated Google Search app is available. Now Google is looking for such voice search that will be capable of providing the information for what the user looking for and what they need, and their main competitor is Apple’s assistant App Siri on iOS. Both applications will be fully loaded features providing the services like if you want, you can make reservation online along with Internet searches whatever you desire to ask or for any query comes in your mind, even remind the users regarding the activities they might need based on their places and schedules.

At the same time Google is also very concerned in regards of that privacy terms they must need to be there when this kind of services will be launched in the market. Google says that privacy will not be shareable like information that will addressed to you as an individual, they can be able to share the information to show a direction in their business but it would be nameless, faceless clients.

Huffman says "Voice is the most natural way to ask for information, rather than fiddling with a keyboard,"

He also said "The idea that it was not the case will be foreign to my kids."

"It’s pretty clear that in your home in the next few years there will be a proliferation of devices that interact with your voice,"

In other words you can say, in upcoming next few years there will likely to have an Era of Devices that would be interacting with your voice is similar like you command a person for something and to get thing done.

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