Google creates ‘Chrome OS’ for the tablet PC market: rumors expose

seo IndiaAs we all are aware that the launch of Google’s android has resulted in a lot of diverse versions of the operating system and many hardware devices which carry Android as the OS. Now the question raise in our mind is that what’s next for the Google?

Some of the have been revealing that Google is creating the chrome OS for the tablet PC market. If that is true than the question is, will Chrome really restore Android on mobile devices? Although it seems practical that the desktop version of the Chrome OS could be modified to improved suit a tablet arrangement with touch screen functionality.

As a user of Google Chrome browser, I like the speed and suppleness but it does employ rather a bit of memory. The Chrome tablet version of the OS would certainly have to be lighter so as not to use the important resources that is done by the desktop version.

If chrome for tablets is released than what will happen with those major hardware players who have already adopted android? Well it seems bit serious will they shift away from android development? Perhaps not since their investments by now run deep in this phase.

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