Google considers accused for dumping newspapers from its search function

seo IndiaGenerally, Google is admired for the everything it does. People always seems to stand along with their most favorite search engine, when it comes to conduct any experiment and launching any extra function, but this time it seems to be something rare since google took a decision to drop the newspapers from its google search function.

People are criticizing google for its awkward decision. Although google would not have thought about such consequences and would not have done this with the intention to hurt its users but overall it is under the fire, found guilty.

The(ENPA), European Newspaper Publishers’ Association a non-profit organization that alleges to characterize 5,200 titles in 26 European countries, said it had "concerns" about the dimension of Google and the authority it had in the media industry after it dumped a group of newspapers called Copiepresse from its Google search function”.

Google said it encouraged disputing parties to settle the differences between themselves. ”Google is not an arbiter of these disputes,” a spokeswoman said.

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