Google changes – How it affects on the content creation?

In recent days it is being analyzed that SEO experts and webmasters likely to be concerns with frequent changes in Google Algorithm. If you believe in recent news, in 2013 Google made changes 15 times in its Algorithm where as in 2012, 37 times. google and contentThere make sense to be anxiousness for being Algorithm changes in concerns for the SEO experts and webmasters, but how it is relevant or can make an effect upon Content creation that doesn’t make a sense but there is exactly few major changes made by Google Algorithm that is concerned with Content creation and can affect onwards.


What are the Major changes that can likely to be affect?


 Changes in Secure Organic Searches

This is concerned with Google Analytics keyword’s data, now you can no longer be able to quarry as search This ratio is been increasing since 2010 and ultimately on 23rd September 2013 Google closed all the relevant information. These consequences made a drastic blow upon those, who keep believed in keywords density standard, anyhow it’s very significant in concerned to the creation of quality, creative and relevant Content to be helpful to Search.

Nonexistent Update to Page Rank

Page Rank refers to how many links having your site and that is very important in concerned to flexibility, creativity and your site as standard – quality. Google even not made such updated but no guaranty if will be fixed. So you need to focus on improve the traffics, converting the visitors rather than links with high page rank.

The Hummingbird Updates

Google’s biggest Algorithmic, Hummingbird update, implemented in September 2013.humming updates Google is likely to be very focused into making the search more informative rather than keyword density in other way it must be less keyword – targeted.



Google’s Authorship for Ranking


The recent updates from Google forum is Google Authorship, it’s yet a mystery how it would be an affecting factor for searches. google authorshipEven Experts says Google can use your Author profile to justify your creativity, expertise, and authority in order to your Content’s quality.






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