Google Carousel: the new destination for hotel search online

With a wholesome changes brought to its search engine, Google has recently incorporated a new flaunting feature to its search engine results page (SERP) for people enthusiastic in local dining, nightlife and globetrotting, an interactive “Carousel”. The new feature is expected to change the SERP landscape with emphasis on local listing performance for business firms.

A carry over from mobile search, Google Carousel tends to display images for local dining places and hotels along with other pertinent information related to the search. Google has stated that the information are sourced from its social networking blog, Google+ local pages and displays images for the places the user has been searching for along with its rating and addresses. Google has been adding a lot many features for it’s much anticipated knowledge graph implementation in the search engine.

Google has also reportedly tweaked its SERP which has made local search optimization more important. The results are powered by Google+ and list the property website followed by deep links within the site including TripAdvisor,, Expedia, Facebook and other travel based websites. The addition of Google Carousel has triggered a competition among local business firms making it crucial for them to have a local presence. The changes have brought good news for hoteliers as well as travelers not to forget about the SEO companies helping them in improving the listings in SERP better.


Google Carousel the new destination for hotel search online

Source: Google

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