Google brings up 2 more Startups “Apture & Katango” to aid internet searches

It seems that Google is indeed very desperate regarding its internet search services and for this reason it has acquired the two most optimistic startups Apture and Katango.

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The newest Catches which announced on Thursday are Katango, which is helpful for the people to direct their online social networks & another is Apture which makes the kind of tools that accomplish searches regarding the topics within a Web page.

Google considers itself that Katango will surely make it more easier for Plus’ more than 40 million users to systematize their circles, based on a post by company executive Bradley Horowitz.

image“Are you ready for some magic in your Circles?" Horowitz wrote about the Katango acquisition on his Google Plus account. "These folks are magicians!"

Apture had been already making its search tools accessible as a plug-in with Google’s Web browser, Chrome. When a browser prepared with Apture’s technology highlights a term within a Web page, it brings a new window including new information, pictures and video regarding the topic.

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