Google Bought Co-Founder of Robot Startup.

schaft robot

Google bought the Robot Ventre Co-founder Takashi Kato in November 2013, and moreover opened a fund to contribution in Technologies form startups of Japanese and at the same time Universities that have been involved so far ignored by the Investors.

Meanwhile Kato’s 246 Capital plans to jump up to get approx 2 billion yen ($19million) within the six months basically from wealthy Japanese, on the other hand he also added in his interview at Bloomberg News’s Tokyo office yesterday. The primary aim of this collection/fund will be on Biotechnology and Energy Efficiency.

He struggled for getting the funding for Schaft although it had have some of the best humanoid Robot Technology across the World, that motivated him to find the same opportunities in their Place Japan too. However he goanna be able to get 10 Japanese Investment Companies and at the end got the funding from the U.S. Government too.


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