Google & Bing Agree – Past SEO Success No Guarantee to Continue for Any Website?

google matt cutts

If you are having an older site, more than ten years, then you might have considered that now the newer sites making the positions on SERPs. Have you think what are the major facts that consequences happen? Then you think, is it due to spamming? Or being the freshness of the new site?

In the latest published video from the helpdesk of the Google webmaster Matt Cutts said, either one older site can maintain its ranking on SERPs over the time.

He also added there, sometimes what happens actually the owners of the old site become fail to maintain their sites to keep fresh and up to date, in over confidence.

He said. Many times if you look on your site from a search result, although you have been using the particular sites for business for more over 15 years, you may have noticed they haven’t modified their template or their page layout or anything over the years. And it seems like, a stale sort of older site, in other terms you can say that the users might not be getting the interest as usually they have in fresh and updated contents from your sites.

Google isn’t the only one search engine there is having such problems. Bing’s Duane Forrester said in a recent blog post: an old website might have had enormous success with SEO techniques in past, but now, there’s no guarantee for those sites that will continue indefinitely for any website.

If you look up on the marketing strategy for any website, whether the site is older than a decade or just launched in recent days, you need to fix that you provide the searchers what they actually they are looking for there on your site, along with SEO prospective. In other word you can say, you need to keep update your sites with great content that the users always desire to see on your site and modify the site layout, templates, periodically.

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