Google Apologies to Germany over Adolf Hitler Square.


Google says Sorry to Germany on 20110 January 4; over a specific square in Berlin reclaim its Nazi-era name as “Adolf Hitler” on its prominent online maps for a short period.



A leady spokesperson Lena Wagner for German Unit of the US internet giant, said AFP this was not done immediate how a square name “Theodor-Heuss-Platz” Capture01that is situated in the west German capital regained its name and become “Adolf-Hitler-Platz” on last Thursday, the name consequences wimp form 1933-1947.



She said, they made a report to Google regarding this fault that the name of the place has been updated on Google Maps that is wrong and Google makes it correct soon.

At the same time Google apologies being done the mistake and said the name “Adolf-Hitler-Platz” will no longer be visible on Google Maps and again users will be able to search the same as before the name was the place as “Theodor-Heuss-Platz”.

This particular place established at the center and a major roundabout reassigned the name after the Nazi leader “Adolf Hitler” in 1933, which played an important role in the planned “Germania” into a “Global Capital” during the Third Reich. But in 1963 the name was changed after war; as the name of Heuss, who was the first post war president there, in the same year 1963.

This news rapidly spread out over social media networks and German Media, with the top selling daily Bild.Capture001 Google apologies but at the same time they also added and said Google Maps for Germany had been hacked in past, with Cologne’s famous cathedral once made to disappear entirely.

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