Google and Audi Collabretly, To Announce In-car Android Services at CES.

google and audi

Soon in upcoming days, Google, Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and German Auto maker Audi plan for a big deal that they will be working together to establish in- car Entertainment and Information systems and that will be based on Google’s Android software. They may also announce strategic and collective efforts among other Automotive and Technology’s companies, including one of the big names NVIDIA Corp.

Their primary focus is to provide the drivers and passengers as well to approach the access music, navigation, various apps and all the relevant services those are globally available now in Android-produced Smartphones. Initially, Apple surprised by announcing the same project in earlier of this year to launch iOS service in the Car at their WWDC source in the month of June. Google and Apple have been already completed strongly in Digital Marketing Industry, ranging among Smartphones, Tablets, and Computers to mobile apps and Web browsers as well.

On the other hand Audi also supposed to validate latest technologies that would be providing such features in cars that allow driving themselves in certain circumstances for short while. Far ago of this year, implemented the Trade show to determine a Car that could operate through a parking garage and back into Parking space without a Driver, there in Car.

Well being in Android and “App Culture” Globally going to make a sensational implementation in Audi Cars, we can just say, hopefully this Deal not to end up with drastic and crash after a short period or later a few months after launch.

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