Google alerts websites with downtime exceeding 24 hours,to be delisted from search rankings

Whenever Google’s Head of Search Scam, Matt Cutts, posts a video, its been either a doleful or a cheerful news for webmasters. This time Matt has come up with a new video where in he has explained the consequences of a site if it goes offline. Also the negative impact on the site ranking in Google Search’s result page has been briefed about.

Acgoogle-alerts-websites-with-downtime-exceeding-24-hours-to-delist-from-search-rankingscording to Matt, a site going temporarily offline for a short period should be fine but if the timeline extends beyond that, Google will act upon with delisting from rankings temporarily. He has clearly stated that Google doesn’t want users to be redirected to websites which are not in working state since the search engine always show users near accurate results for any keyword searches made in Google Search. Matt also added that when a site goes offline, Google will initially send notification to the registered webmasters saying that their website is offline. The messages generally comprises of an intimation saying that GoogleBot was unable to access the site. Such notifications generally ensures webmasters about the state of their website either online or offline.

Google has been regularly tweaking it’s searching tool to ensure that users never face any outage while making any search queries in their search engine. The video can be accessed from here.


Source: Google

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