Google AdWords Creates 100 automated rules & undo changes

As our expectations from Google AdWords are taking a larger place, Google Adwords also seems more functional to it and for this it has made its Automated Rules even more flexible and functional by rolling out the two biggest improvements announced Google AdWords BlogSpot. They have enhanced the rule limit to 100 and the facility to undo changes made by a rule.

We increased the number of rules you can create from 10 rules per user to 100. This should allow you to easily try out new rules — have a look at common examples to see how advertisers are using Automated Rule.

Automated rules

In any case if a rule doesn’t work properly or anything goes wrong, you can simply use undo by just clicking the Undo button, appears in the logs table.

undo changes

Visit at AdWords Help Center article to know more about undo feature and see the Ad Innovations to grab the more info about Automated Rules.

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