Google AdWords Approach To Make Flexible Conversion Counting

Today Google disclosed through an email to a large number of advertisers that the upcoming modifications will provide them more reliability in order to in what way they record the conversions in AdWords. At the same time the relevant updates regarding semantic change that occurs with a new names for the Conversions one per-click and Conversions many-per-click columns.

With this new modification, the advertisers will have more alternatives to choose conversion settings accordingly from the following settings, that will help them for tracking upon each conversion action being applied along with the goals imported from Google Analytics too.

1. All conversions setting:

In terms of all conversions settings, on every sale or conversion and the action that appears after an ad click can be captured. For an example Google provides a pizza shopping site that likely wants to occupy the sales for both pastry and at the same time for sweets too. Now if a consumer wants to shop for pizza and sweets, now they will be getting two count conversions through the all conversions setting.

2. Unique conversions setting:

This setting refers the mainly construct for the purpose of lead generation occurrence. For example there is a finance agency which offers finance for the both vehicles and home loan. If a consumer fills out two homes loan leads and three vehicles leads may be for the different category, now AdWords will count two conversions merely; one for each of the specific lead groups.

If you want to change the conversion settings, there occurs a new “Count” drop that will lie on the conversion settings window. Whereas (All conversions) is the default setting.

3. New Column Names:

On the other hand the reporting will show all the Converted clicks and Conversions. They must make easier to manage these columns in Excel exports.

You need to consider some following facts:

A. Converted clicks = Conversions (1 per-click). This refers a reflection that occurs from a number of clicks that led the action for one or more conversions.

B. Conversions = Conversions (many-per-click). This column will now count the conversions based on your settings of All conversions or Unique conversions.


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