Google adds more personal info in search results

It can be bit tough to bear for those who are possessive to their personal lives as Google has started showing more personal data in search results. Google on Tuesday launched its greatest series of upgrades to make the searches more advanced and full of more personal info to know about your search term more deeply.

Google is sifting throughout the photos and commentary on its most attracted social network so that its Internet search results could comprise more personal information.

Check out the screen shot how it appears:

Google shows more personal info to search results

It has been almost six month since Google+ came in limelight and ever since Google Inc. has been working to bond search and its other services into Google+

Regarding these changes that calls Search plus Your World, Google says that this is one of the biggest changes we have ever made to our search results.

We really believe this builds a much better search experience for people,” Google’s Ben Smith said. “They can find things they couldn’t find before.”

Possibly the biggest changes according to Google may be that earlier they would just show the normal results that could be seen by each person but now they are also including personal photos, status updates and other content shared on Google+ or Google’s photo sharing service Picasa.

One of the search experts Danny Sullivan, said the striving changes might be a influential weapon for Google+ in its opposition with the biggest giant Facebook.

I think it’s one of the most important and biggest changes they’ve ever done, the combination of letting you search through private and public information all from one place,” Sullivan, the editor-in-chief of the website Search Engine Land, said in an email message. “It might prove to be a further game-changer in Google’s quest to take on Facebook in the social space.”

This new search services soon will be rolled out in English on over the upcoming week. The new services will be switched on default by every single person very soon when you will be logged in with their Google account. Users will be able to notice that the new services have been enabled. You will have the access to control the privacy you can hide your personal info with one single click or disable the new features completely by just changing their search settings.

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