Google adds arrows to images, lets you browse through image thumbnails

Google has been upgrading its product line up lately after the recently ended Google I/O developers’ conference held at San Francisco. This is a small tweak made by the search engine jargon to its image search. Google image search has been introduced with navigational arrows which lets  user to navigate through all the large images thumbnails  once clicked on the image thumbnail.

With the navigation arrows added into the new Google Image search design, it is expected that referrer traffic from image search will decline more than it used to be earlier without the arrows. Although there is no report from the webmaster till now regarding the incorporation of the changes, it is expected that users will definitely like the new change.

There has been quite a few changes and tweaks lately made to the search algorithm from Google and just to pump up the stiff competition, Google has upgraded Google Image from its earlier versions. When an user loads the image search with results and clicks on any relevant image to see a larger preview, the navigational arrows comes up allowing users to switch among images that showed up in the organic search results page.




Source : Google

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