Gmail tweaks its mail layout, send ads in form look-alike mails

Google seems to phase out its older Gmail with the a newer and refreshed version and this time the tech giant has tweaked its mail service with operational reforms. The recent UI changes for Gmail enhanced the functionality by segregating the mails into tabs. This time Google will send unsolicited email ads to users depending upon the browser history.The ads in form of mails will gmail-tweaks-its-mail-layout-send-ads-in-form-look-alike-mailscarry ‘Ad’ sticker in its name, according to the report.
Google has stated that these ads will be placed under the promotions tab where in users can also check for other offers and promotions from online subscribed services. Although, the latest development from the search engine jargon is not a new tactic to lure users to click on the links as Google has been displaying ads at the top of its mailbox for quite sometime.According to company sources, Gmail has been refined better to provide users with relevant ads . Although, it has not yet been official announced, yet it is highly anticipated that such tweaking from Google will definitely help users in managing their mailbox easily as users will have option to kill the promotional tab as well.
Gmail is the largest web based mail service in the world and the company is trying to best to retain its position with addition of enhanced features as well as look and feel.

Source: Engadget

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