Forecast of Google Algorithm Updates Early This Week


You have been noticed probably in regards to Google’s recently update, I think around 13th Feb. I recall you once again” there was a huge chatter going on Google’s Algorithm update in Webmaster world community, and it spread out in SEO community like a virus in the environment.”

This was all about; Google likely seems in approach to make Panda Refresh? Similarly we had new information on 6th Feb. in order to new update is to be imply on “Page Layout Algorithm” but this couldn’t make any adverse impact in SEO community.

But I like to assure you the discussion hasn’t stopped yet, By next or this week it is likely that we may see some algorithm updates.

Right here I mentioned few comments from Webmaster world:

Have you been noticed that your site dropped its ranking on SERPS, couple of days ago or today?

Yes, but could just be the continual state of flux I see. Though Mozcast reports activity, so you may be on to something.

If you keep your eyes closely on, some of the tracking tools display higher than normal activity on those days including Mozcast and Algoroo but and SERP Metrics seem pretty flat.


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