For Android, Google apps will get an update shortly

seo services indiaYes, the giant and superior ‘google’ first published and suddenly soon removed as blog post regarding the update of its most reputed google search applications for the android operating systems.

But the new and rerelease is considered to comprise the new updated features which must get better the on the whole performance of the search application, beside the inhabitant search which is previously infused on every Android application apart from some android smartphones.

It has a new and attractive user interface update that seems parallel with new updates like the Android Market to fetch things quicker to the gaze and experience of fret. Now you can get search suggestions from additional apps on your phone.

The latest features mentioned by the removed Google Blog post comprise “improved suggestions” that would display search results by type, easier and more receptive new user interface with the projectile up icon that signifies auto submit, and superior icon appearance for the category.

Check out some of the best google search apps for android:

· Google Voice                        

· Google Talk

· Google Earth

· Google Maps

· Gmail

· Google Translate

· YouTube

· Blogger and much more…

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