Finally full-screen compose window arrives in Gmail, gets mixed feedback


Google has always been user centric for its products and seems like this time the Search Engine giant has worked upon its mail service. Gmail is the most widely user web-based email provider with over 425 million active users worldwide.

Google had recently released a new version of its web based mail service with a host of changes brought to its look and feel. With the compose mail window going smaller in the newer version, users were dissatisfied with the redesign. Google has begun rolling out the changes, according to the announcement made by the company, in which users will be able to opt for a new full-screen compose window that gives larger room to work with rather than the current option that is pinned to the lower right corner. Also Gmail has got its new formatting toolbar by default rather than the hiding one in the current version which users can bring out by an extra click. Although, the new changes will be optional to users and those in love with the smaller size can continue to work with the existing window.

Google has stated that the changes will start reflecting in user accounts of Gmail within the next couple of days, if they are yet to see it.


Source: Google+

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