Filtering Social Search results gets patented, goes to Google’s basket

With Google’s continuous quest for a connection with social media, the tech giant has defied its competitors to file a patent for social search which was granted by the United States Patent and Trademark. According to the patent, Google will bring out an interface for filtering search results based on the user’s social graph. This might prove as a cutting edge for advertisers as well thus helping Google to earn revenues without paying royalties to any other firms.

filtering-social-search-results-gets-patented-goes-to-google-basketFiled on August last year, the technology is related to searching for keywords, receiving query results and identifying content generated by one or more social network users. The interface will also be able to access  search history to sort out the search graph for that particular user. With 500+ million users logged into Google’s own social network, Google+, the company will definitely work out a business model with the implementation of the new patent so as to lure advertisers to take advantage of social media in promoting their products to users. Although it is yet not official about the impact of Google+ in search campaigns for companies, about 70 percent of Fortune 500 companies have already set up their base the world’s largest social network, Facebook. Google+ currently holds 30-40 percent of the top-notch companies in its network.

What Google has to say regarding the same will definitely be sought after in days to come.


Source: Google News

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