Fake Search Results to bear brunt from Google, plans to take harsh action

Google has released on its Webmaster Blog that it will not tolerate webmasters pushing fake search results to users through the use of browsing history spamming technique. Google has beefed up it’s terms and conditions lately to provide users with neat experience of its search engine. The giant also recently announced that it will release reports regularly to keep users track on sources of spams and Phishing attacks.

The technique, widely used by notorious webmasters to redirect users to some other webpages, uses a method of detecting a click on the browser’s back button which when clicked redirects user to a look-alike search results page where in unwanted websites are listed. Google has strictly warned such websites that they might lose their ranking in the search engine results page and eventually might lead to removal of website from it’s search results page.

According to Wyszomierski from Google’s Search Quality Team, Google “may take action on, including removal of, sites which violate our quality guidelines, including for inserting deceptive or manipulative pages into a user’s browser history.” The scenario could be explained by the following picture which shows a similar looking search results page with a few hard coded search results.



Source: Google

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