Facebook to invest $1.6 Billion by this year, Revenue up by 51{9e4d90363301d728e593e350f1fca4618c445eae51a043106bb72ce067a31bb8}

Facebook, the largest social network in world wide web, has announced that it will make capital investment worth $ 1.6 billion this year. The company, on the verge of global expansion, with users thronging worldwide especially in emerging markets like India and Brazil, had recently posted a net income of $333 million for the quarter ending in April with a 51 percent increase in its revenue to $1.81 billion.
facebook-to-invest-1-6-billion-in-capital-expenditure-revenue-rises-by-51-percentIn a filing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the billion dollar company stated that "We anticipate making capital expenditures in 2013 of approximately USD 1.6 billion." Facebook has alarming number of users from developing markets like India and Brazil and the company has seen a phenomenal surge of users as well mobile ad revenue from around the world. Facebook had earlier incurred an expenditure of USD 595 million in developing its infrastructure like data centers as well as storage solutions. Google has also outshined in the race with its own social network, Google+, which is considered as the second largest after Facebook. Although Google+ is way behind in terms of users, the social networking blog has definitely succeeded in luring users with its unique features.
"Users in India and Brazil represented key sources of growth in the second quarter of 2013 relative to the prior year," is all Facebook had to say.


Source: NDTV

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