Facebook notifications and in-line Search comes to Bing desktop

Microsoft has been playing hard with its search engine platform, Bing and never-the-less it has been successful since its launch in 2009 by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. With a current market share of 18{9e4d90363301d728e593e350f1fca4618c445eae51a043106bb72ce067a31bb8}, Bing Search has been in the ranking chart for a while topped by the Search engine jargon Google. Recently, the company rolled out more updates to its desktop version of search, Bing Desktop. The desktop client was earlier updated with Facebook integration last March along with support for Windows XP and more languages back in December.

Bing desktop has taken a stepbing desktop ahead this time with some really interesting updates, which includes tossing of Facebook notifications when the user gets any, including messaging, as well as in-line search and a few other changes. The in-line search allows user to perform any Bing search from the web. The feature also works in regular webpage as well as any other document formats including Word files where in highlighting the keyword and clicking on the Bing icon in the application will generate search results. The desktop app has also been renovated with new designs and improvements to make it more fast and functional.

Another major update, the Facebook notification, also came as a much needed feature for any desktop application. The notification alert is similar to the current Facebook notification, with a red flag popping out intimating user about a news feed update. Bing has also updated its news feed feature with a few layout changes.

And finally, a new weather app has been included into the desktop app which provides real time weather information about the places as selected by user. The weather app can also be pulled up with a single click, doing which it refreshes the data to show the exact weather report at that moment.

In a nutshell, the recent updates has jazzed up Bing desktop from its earlier version and it’ll be very interesting to see how other players enhance their tools to compete with the much improved app from Microsoft.

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