Facebook has awarded over $1 million in reward to Bug Bounty hunters, reveals in its homepage

With the rise in world wide web usage and the potentiality of internet reaching new heights every single day, i-security has become the utmost concern for all stakeholders. Facebook, world’s largest social network, has taken this matter seriously and this is quite evident from the the numbers that has come up from its Bug Bounty program launched a couple of years ago. Facebook has revealed that it has paid over thousands of grand to participants who took part in its program.

facebook-has-awarded-over-1-million-in-reward-to-bug-bounty-hunters-reveals-in-its-homepageAccording to a recent blog post by the company in its own home page, Facebook has awarded a total of 329 digital bounty hunters with at least a $500 bill for discovering and reporting security issues to the social network. Participants from around the globe took part in the program which was intended to help the social networking jargon in sorting out bugs and anomalies. The youngest hunter has been mentioned as a 13-year old kid and also the most resourceful hunters has been awarded more than a grand each. Not only Facebook, but other tech giants like Microsoft also had launched programs to award up to a million dollar to anyone who can discover security exploits on the preview version of its newly launched version of Windows operating system.

So as it goes that nothing is perfect in existence, more than a lakh Facebook accounts were exposed by hackers recently thus proving that tech companies are continuously grilling down into their products to prevent any catastrophe in near future.

Source: Facebook

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