Facebook coming up with mobile games publishing and distribution, announces the same in its pilot program


Facebook has launched a pilot program recently which is a mobile games publishing project to boost its revenue from advertisements. The social networking firm has been reportedly toying around with the idea of launching a distribution platform for mobile games for small and medium scale gaming developers.

The initiative was made public in a official blog and the new feature has been listed now on the Facebook’s developer site. The pilot program will work as a platform for  developers to target customers who might be interested in playing games and also give them a boost in launching their games without any big names to back up. Additionally, the site will have analytics tool to provide feedback thus enabling developers to refine their product according to feedback from users. The games will be used by Facebook to post their ad listing thus helping the firm to get a bite from the cake as well. The program isn’t open to everyone as of now but only to small and mid sized developers that the firm identifies as highly potential and has scope to grow in future.

Facebook has been looking ways to increase its revenue with ads as the same is the bread and butter for the California based firm.

Source: Engadget