Facebook all set to kill Sponsored ads from July

You won’t find any Sponsored Results in the search results page in Facebook any more, as the Social Networking giant has officially announced that it will stop showing ads for brands and groups this July. Just for information, Facebook had started showing sponsored results for brands, products and groups along with other searches made by user in the search bar from August of last year.

The decision was taken on the context that marketers were using sponsored results as well as mobile app installs quite similarly thus compelling the Harvard start up to bring down the same. Being the primary bread and butter, ads are a very significant content for the company with a user base of 1.11 billion. With its mobile users expanding up to over 750 million, Facebook has been working out strategically to lure brands to post ads for their products.

According to sources, businesses will still be able to use mobile aps which has proved to be an effective method for companies, along with post links ads when the sponsored ads are brought down in July. It will be  absurd to expect a commercial free experience in Facebook but Facebook ads getting a bit less obstructive can be definitely expected soon.



Source : Google

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