Doodle Website gets a new design

I love to enjoy doodle whenever Google Doodle unveils any image I watch that multiple times via taking its snapshots but I wasn’t able to see its original version and it is not only i who is having such complaints but there are lots of people who also have the same disappointment.

Now the time has come and we can see the previous doodle very easily as Google has redesigned Doodle website, to make it trouble-free for users to uncover any of the fanciful pictures the search engine uses to sporadically spiff up its otherwise discreet page. Now we can easily get back behind the scenes thanks to the Google for redesigning Doodle website.

Let’s have a look on a snapshot of new Doodle website which I have prepared specially for Doodle lovers:

New Doodle website

It’s time to wind up this concept but before going anywhere I  leave  you with some memorable doodles enjoy them and have fun.

Wish you a Happy doodlin’! “Good bye”

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