Dhaka to have ‘Street View’ soon, Google completes its capture

Google announced recently that it has completed capturing the street views of Dhaka and Chittagong cities under its ‘Street View’ programme and hopes to implement the same in its Google Maps application by the later part of the year. Street View from Google has helped users to view landmarks and natural wonders of the world online  with 360 degree panoramic street-level images without physically visiting them.

dhaka-to-have-street-view-soon-google-completes-its-captureThe same was also announced by the policy adviser to the Access to Information project(A2I) under the PMO of Bangladesh, Anir Chowdhury. Accordingly, the street views will appear somewhere in September or October. Google had tied with the Bangladesh govt. to launch the A2I project in February where in the company started capturing the two famous cities from the ‘land of rivers’. The project hopes to boost the tourism industry of the country through global branding. A total of 100 tourist spots has been captured in the lens of Google Street View, as stated by Anir.

With more than 20 petabyte of maps saved in its servers, Google Street View continues to shine and is already available in more than 40 countries now. The feature has been widely appreciated by users for its flexibility and on-of-its-kind technology.

Source: Daily Star

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