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With a positive note, desktop search activity seems to rebound with users thronging to search their keywords in desktop applications. According to the latest report from ComScore, desktop search stood at 12 percent year-over-year in the month of June with a ‘core’ search count of about 19.2 billion. This is the fourth straight month where in desktop search has brought double digit gain year-over-year.

Although ComScore mentioned that search activity was down by 4 percent from the 20 billion searches made in the month of May, but it has grown by 12 percent when compared to statistics for the last year. Tech jargons, Google and Bing has brought the highest number of desktop searches with data suggesting that Bing has gained 28 percent in core search over an year where as Google has a comparatively less gain of about 12 percent. As far the market share, the report says that Google has a flat increment in terms of number of users where Bing has gained 0.5 percent more by biting share from Yahoo. Google’s flat market share has reached 66.7 percent over the year.

The shooting star among all is Bing Search growing a lot from 15.6 percent last year to a sober 17.9 percent currently. Sadly Yahoo’s share has fallen from 13 percent in June last year to 11.4 percent last month.

Source: ComScore

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