Deep Dive To Offpage Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Part 3

Link Exchange and Mini Sites

Believe me or not, link exchange is a very important way to be on top. It’s not reciprocal link exchange, I mean 3 or 4 ways link exchange. This is grey hat but almost everyone does it nowadays. The key is to create 2-3 mini websites and make some backlinks for these sites (you can do article marketing, blog commenting, directory submission, etc.). Mini sites are websites that you create only for SEO purposes.  For instance, you have “” as your main site. You would want to create 2 mini sites with example domain names: “” and “”.


Now you will need to get a bit backlinks for these mini sites before you start linking
the mini sites TO your own main site. I mean, you need to do your own SEO campaigns to strengthen the backlinks of your mini sites so later on you can use the mini sites to strengthen your main site.


For example, you can put a backlink to “” from the homepage of “” and “”. Of course since these all are your own sites, you can easily set up the anchor text.


Well, that’s not the only useful part from mini sites. Apart of strengthening the main site, after your mini sites get enough back links and PR, you can always go ask other webmasters for 3 or 4 ways link exchange. This is time consuming as well so you may want to outsource someone else to do the job for you.


So basically people link to your main site and you give link from your mini sites. If your link ‘partner has mini sites as well, that’s even better! You have to do link exchanges to be on top of Google in competitive keywords.


For example, I have,, and My main site is while and are just my doll sites (mini sites). You have and I link to from and while you link to from With this inter- cross linking, Google won’t notice that we actually are trading links from our own network. All of the links will look natural because they are all one way links.


More important about link exchange is, you shouldn’t trade resource links. You may find a lot of webmasters asking to trade resource links, it usually in form of:


or anything like this. Basically a page where you can find all the website lists inside it. This kind of page looks spamming so avoid of using it. Instead, you should link inside one of your article pages. For example, you write an article inside to-make-money-online.php. Now inside that article, you find this kind of text;


“I know how to make money online. This method is the best way to help you make thousands of dollars”


Now, when you do a link exchange, you can change that text to:


"I know <a href=””>how to make money online</a>. This method is the best way to help you make thousands of dollars".


Basically, you change the text inside that article to be an anchor text pointing to your link partner website. Tell him to do the same. With these methods, you can easily create natural links in Google eyes which actually they are just part of your SEO campaigns. They all look one way and they all hidden inside article pages so they all look natural for sure!

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