Crisis map for Uttarakhand Flood Disaster, Google helps stranded tourists

Google has launched a Crisis Map for Uttarakhand aiming in providing information like places affected by floods,relief camps, shelters and medical camps in affected areas as well as road closure information in these areas. This comes after Google launched its Person Finder tool for missing people at Uttarakhand a few days ago.

Announcing the launch in an official blog post, Google India has attempted to lend a helping hand by providing vital information on places affected with all the available real time statistics. Although claiming to be in its initial beta stage, Google has urged the agencies working in disaster affected zones to provide real time information on time so that the same reflects in its map as soon as possible. Google is relying on information submitted by users as well to improve accuracy of the tool.

Crisis Map is available in both Hindi and English and has two sections- “ I ‘m looking for someone” and “I have information about someone”. Users shall have to input all the information as required by the portal in tracking any missing person and if any information about the stranded tourist comes up, the user will be prompted about the same in the nick of time.

Google has urged users to write to them in case they have any information that can help in operation or alternatively viewing the Crisis Map.

Crisis map for Uttarakhand Flood Disaster, Google helps stranded tourists


Source: Google, Google Crisis Map

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