Google: ‘SEO’ Spam is the Primary Reason for which a Vulnerable Website is Targeted for Hacking

Google said in a post on Google+ that one of the main reason behind website hacking is none other than SEO. Google explained that ‘SEO’ spam is the primary reason for which a vulnerable website is targeted by a hacker. Google wrote: Search Engine Optimization ‘SEO’ spam is one of the primary reasons that vulnerable

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All you wanted to know about Google’s 15th birthday shocker : Hummingbird Update

When Googlers around the world were busy shooting the piñata on Google’s 15th birthday, the search engine giant also silently announced a new update to their search algorithm, the biggest of all since its Caffeine in early 2010 update that brought the entire SEO world in to a turmoil. According to Google, the new search

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Why SEO is becoming lifeline for any Business ?

Marketing is the lifeline of any business. Without marketing, it would get difficult for any business to survive in the competitive market filled with hundreds of varieties of the same products and services being offered to the prospective customer. With the passing of time, marketing of businesses too have seen different firms with print and

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