Amit Singhal – Google Is Swiss Army Knife and Publishers Are Corkscrew

Yesterday night at SMX West, in a conversation with Google’s Amit Singhal, Danny Sullivan asked about the Knowledge Graph for a while, on the other hand within this conversation Dan Barker tweets about Scraper Sites once again. There after Danny Sullivan said Google is the biggest scraper shared the relevance publishers. At the same time

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Matt Cutts – Google Indeed Look at Your Other Site’s Manual Action

Google verify the sites whether operated by webmaster or website owners, when their sites required a manual action. Recently Marie Haynes posted on Twitter regarding the spammy clients, to get the help from Google’s head spam Matt Cutts. He twits on her comment, all about the spammy links are having her site along with other

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Your Site Is Out Of Rank With Your Own Content – Use The New Google Scraper Report

If you are a website owner then you must consider that your site hasn’t duplicate content. You need to know the fact what is actually mean by Scraper Sites. The meaning is so simple, scraper sites refers a site is having the duplicate information or content in technical terms. If your site lays the content

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