Bing’s Streetside feature reached in UK

seo company IndiaThe Streetside feature, built into Bing Maps, has been designed to enable users to figure out where they are wishing to go and visit.

Streetside is parallel to Google’s Street View mapping service but advance it comprise an extra way to view maps using Microsoft’s “Streetslide” technology as well.

The visions permit maps users to distance along a avenue to exactly identify landmarks and shops. Michael Gillett marked the launch of the service which appears to have gone live this week.

Microsoft has previously said that it wasn’t deed to be absorption on capturing every street or road in the city, with the intensiveness effort on ‘citified and writer heavily trafficked areas’, so not everyone street in London give be open to canvass online.

Though, users can no effervescent use Streetside to look some of the busiest streets in Writer, and in either traditional 360 views seen in Google Streetview or as a basic panorama, which gives users a action in how they scope their maps,

Chris continues: “If user want to view the images in 360, then they will have to have access to Silverlight, an alternative to Flash Player, which will enable them to see the streets in clear and high-quality image of the street in question. But if they don’t have Silverlight, then they can still view the images in what’s known as “Bing Maps Classic”, which is the official name for a panoramic image on Bing.

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