Bing’s latest phone app ‘We’re In’ competes with Foursquare & Facebook

seo company indiaMicrosofts dearest search engine has recently launched a latest window Phone app named as We‘re In’ will surely gives a competition to apps such as Foursquare and Facebook. Bing promises that the new location app will be coming to other device platforms like iOS and a droid shortly.

Initially it will be accessible only in the US. According to Philomena Lobo, product manager, Bing Maps & Bing Mobile, users just require their phone number to hire before inviting friends via their contacts and sharing location info with each other.

“While each of your associates joins you, their locations display on the map. If you want to you can pan, touch and extend the map to perceive more or smaller amount of them. Each person that joins could see everyone else’s location.

In order to stop sharing your information anytime you want. You just have to tap ‘leave’on the people tab. A part from this you can-also-leave-them-a-massage-that-you-are leaving.

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