Bing’s gonna present voice search feature on Xbox


seo company IndiaMicrosoft has incorporated Bing voice search on Xbox, which will enable users to search through their files and Xbox market with voice command. The service initiates in the US and won’t be obtainable in Australia right away. Bing search will enlist a new platform: the Xbox entertainment/gaming comfort. And to show that it’s all cutting edge stuff in the  world of gamers, Bing will be providing a voice-based search engine to assist users get movies, games and TV shows, music and additional content that are obtainable by the Xbox. From the Bing blog post: By joining all this content with the power of Bing’s deep search expertise, Microsoft Tellme’s voice technology and the magic of Kinect, we’ll be able to supply immediate access to the expansive catalogue of entertainment options on Xbox Live.

“You say it, Xbox finds it, and you can enjoy it faster. Voice search works across media types and across apps so you can focus on deciding what to enjoy rather than where and how to find it”.

Bing on Xbox will search services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and ESPN. Microsoft says it’ll be bringing YouTube to Xbox — and that, also, will be easy to get to by Bing voice search.

Bing search on Xbox will at first be accessible around the holiday season in the English language in the US, UK and Canada.

At the E3 keynote Microsoft just plummet its all new Xbox Live dashboard into our laps. The slick new tile-heavy interface (think: Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8) has Kinect voice search powered by Bing, — all at the same time. (You can search “X-Men,” for instance, and obtain video selections and the game variation of Wolverine.)

They’ve also outed Xbox Live TV which will fetch (you guessed it) live tormenting TV with content partnerships (like Canal+, Sky TV and Foxtel). Oh, and YouTube is also hitting Xbox Live in the drop, which is when the refresh arrives. We’re on the edge of our seats in order to perceive some video of the voice search in action, and we’ll be updating with more information on this very welcome overhaul as we get it.

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